Keepers' 57 Tax Tips

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In this eBook, you will find 57 tips to reduce your tax liability, ranging from your employees, to your investments, to your business in general.

For a little teaser of what's inside, have a look at a couple of tips from inside the eBook:

If you are about to invest in a new car, computer or other business equipment, have you considered the best time to buy them and the best way to pay for them?

Tip – You will get a tax relief a lot quicker if you made the investment shortly
before rather than shortly after your business year end.

Tip – From April 2008, first year allowances are replaced by a 100% annual
investment allowance of £50,000 on most plant and machinery.

If your business has made losses, have you ensured that those losses are being used to reduce your current tax bills by as much as possible?

Tip – If you are self employed it may be possible to set off the losses against
your other income, or even against income from earlier years (if you’ve just
started trading). It may also be possible to use the losses to reduce your
National Insurance bills.

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