Keepers Guarantees to you...

Here at Keepers, we strongly believe in upholding the highest standards of professionalism and quality, which is why we have 7, set-in-stone guarantees.



Guarantee #1 - A Minimum Of 25% Saving On Your Current Accountant's Fees

That's right! We guarantee to beat your current Accountancy fees by at least 25% - without compromising quality!


Guarantee #2 - Savings On Your Tax Liabilities

Even if you think that you have closed every loose end in regards to reducing your tax burden, we guarantee to save you more money!


Guarantee #3 - Free Advice, As And When You Need It

There are still Accountants around that will charge you for their advice; even if it's a simple, 30 second answer! We want to change this, and that's why we offer you free advice - whenever you need it!


Guarantee #4 - Free Support Throughout The Year - Not Just At Year End

It is our belief that for you to be as successful as you want to be, you need a friendly team of experts at your disposal; which is why we guarantee to offer you our support throughout the year. We don't just offer this support face to face or over the phone either; we send out regular Newsletters with the latest news, how it affects you, and some helpful tips.


Guarantee #5 - Fixed Annual Fee, And No Suprise Bills

We guarantee to stick by a fixed-fee, which is agreed when you first sign up as a Client. We do this because we know how important it is to know exactly what expenses will be leaving your company, and when.


Guarantee #6 - Free Budget Forecasts, Cashflow and Managerial Reports

As part of our proactive approach, we guarantee to provide you with all of the above - so that you can make informed decisions within your business.


Guarantee #7 - The Special One!!

The special guarantee is as follows - If you are ever unhappy with any aspect of our work, we will, without question, respect your right to pay us what you feel is more appropriate.