Tax Accountant - How We Can Help You

Tax is a very complicated element of business, and without the right help from a tax accountant, you could end up the wrong side of the law, paying fines, and in the worst-case scenario, even going to prison.

Which is why it is very important that you choose your tax accountant carefully. They need to be trustworthy, reliable, and most of all, punctual!

If you choose the wrong tax accountant, you could end up being seriously in debt to the revenue, or worse still, in prison! So make sure you choose very, very carefully!

Here at Keepers, we take our job as tax accountants very seriously. We know that if we were to make a mistake, we could cost your business several thousand pounds.

This is why we take so much care in what we do; be it something as simple as your self assessment, or something as difficult as structuring your company in the most tax efficient way, the same amount of care and respect will go into each service.

We actually pride ourselves on our ability over other tax accountants; because we know that what we do not only keeps our client on the right side of the law, but it will also save said client thousands of pounds in tax breaks and deductibles they may not have even known existed.

As well as being, dare we say it, probably the best tax accountant in Sussex, we also, as part of the compliance work, and at no extra fee, will dig deeper into your business’s finances to produce management accounts that you can use to pin-point high expense areas of your business that can be reduced, or areas in your business that you aren’t spending much on, but is still creating a good ROI (return on investment).

How many tax accountants will do that?!

As well as all of our tax services, we would also like to offer you a free Tax Kit, that includes some tax tips that you can implement straight away to start reducing your tax liability; all from the best accountants in Sussex. Depending on if you are a business or an individual, choose your free tax kit from the options below.

Click here for your Business Owner's Tax Kit, or here for your Individual's Tax Kit.

Or, click here for more information on Income Tax, or the National Insurance Rates 2011-12

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