What Makes A Good Accountant?

Many small business owners think that they have a 'good accountant'; someone that does the work they are asked to do, in the time that they are asked to do it, and so on.


This isn't the definition of a good accountant! It's the definition of a mediocre one!

On this page, you will find out about the qualities we think make a good accountant.

Added Value

Firstly, a good accountant will not just do the work that you ask them to do; a good accountant will go above and beyond that. For example, instead of just processing your financial statements, a good accountant will give you proactive advice regarding growing your business, or cutting back on a specific sector which is costing you more money than necessary, and even helping you determine your ROI. A good accountant will also provide a 'benchmarking' service - where they compare your business to another business in the same sector as yours - to show you how you can improve your business.

Basically, a good accountant will add value to your business, be it through saving you money, making you money, or even introducing you to some of their other clients; either through a networking event, or even just passing on names and numbers.

A good accountant will also always be available to give you advice. They will also not charge you for this service. A lot of accountants these days still charge by the hour; even for a 2 minute phone conversation!! A good accountant will also be working on your behalf 100% of the time.


Compliance - The Good Accountant's Way

A good accountant will tell you exactly when your paperwork needs to be in to avoid any fines, and, as long as you have fulfilled your part of the deal, will also take responsibility where due if you do incur fines. They will also notify you of any important deadlines, and even meet these on your behalf.

And finally, a good accountant will offer you advice on tax savings and business growth, even when you do not ask for it. The good accountant will take the initiative and help you wherever he/she can.


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