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06.04.11 - Tax Changes 2011 - How Will They Affect You? 2011/12

Posted by Ben Williams on Wed, Apr 06, 2011 @ 10:24 AM

The welfare and tax changes 2011 that come into effect today will cost British houeholds £2.3bn this year, according to estimates by Capital Economics.

Even though lower-earning taxpayers will be better off in the 2011/12 tax year, today is being dubbed 'Worse-off Wednesday' for the higher earners who will see their earnings reduced by £500m when inflation is rising.

Income Tax Changes 2011

The average Briton will get an increase of £1,000 to the personal allowance, meaning that they can earn £7,475 before paying any income tax in 2011.

It's been estimated that around 1.7m people earning below £21,000 a year will be £250 better off.

However, there's not many benefits for higher earners, as the threshold at which they start paying the Higher Tax Rate  is reduced from £37,400 to £35,000 above the personal allowance.

(NI) National Insurance contributions are also going up by 1%, although there will be an increase in the number of exempted low earners; because of a rise in the threshold.

Capital Economics UK economist told Sky News: 

"I think it's pretty unambiguously bad for economic growth because these people (higher earners) spend a lot of their income.

"Therefore consumer demand is going to weaken and economic growth is going to weaken because consumer demand makes up two-thirds of the economy."

Linking increases in benefits to CPI inflation rather than RPI inflation - which includes housing costs - will also reduce social welfare payments by £1.8bn.

The cuts announced in the Budget, which you can learn more about here, are forecast to reduce household incomes by 0.25%, but the impact is compounded by above-target inflation, which last year caused the first decline in spending power since 1981.

The Bank of England has forecast that inflation will peak at 5% in 2011, also contributing to a reduction in the spending power of households across Britain.

Between 2008 and 2011, The Institute of Fiscal Studies expects that real household income will have fallen by 1.6%.

Low income families have also been warned to prepare for a shock as a three-year freeze and other changes to Working Tax Credits come into effect.

The TUC has calculated that a couple earning £40,000 who pay £400 a week in childcare for two children will be £2,500 worse off over the next year.

And more cuts already planned for April 2012 will make matters worse.

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